Huddle is a UX Design podcast I co-host with two other UX designers, Meg and Cam.
Our mission is to use our voices as young creatives navigating the complexities of design careers to reach out to other professionals in Tech and creating a growing community. Through engaging discussions and insightful interviews, we aim to provide valuable insights and inspiration for fellow UX designers to elevate the future of design.

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Latest on Huddle

On the latest episode of Huddle, we had an insightful conversation on ethic design with the best-selling author, investor and lecturer, Nir Eyal.

(Episode link coming soon.)

Past episodes

Brand identity

Huddle speaks a young and friendly voice, with a bit of formalness, and occasion jokes. Based on such characteristics and tones, I designed the brand identity and brand visual assets.

Huddle team

Huddle podcast is made by three Toronto-based young UX/Product designers.
They are diligent, assertive, and (occassionally) goofy friends who would go an extra mile to make a good podcast.

Mel, Melanie Yan

The person who designed, built, and owns this website.
She also does all the design/illustration works and social media marketing contents for huddle.


Meg, Megan Harrison

The voice of the show. With her journalism background she's the most ideal host and the best podcast producer. She also takes care of Huddle's LinkedIn, writes all the medium articles and keeps us professional.


Cam, Cameron Ward

The editor and tech lead of Huddle. The person behind Huddle's hi-fidelity and professional-level production. Thanks to him Huddle can launch new episodes every Tuesday.



The forth member of Huddle, who made his debute in the 4th episode.

Max does not have a LinkedIn at the moment, sorry.
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