Hi there.
Welcome to the secrete corner of this website. >:D
Here you can find what I did for each iteration/updates.

May 2023 update

In this updated version, I optimized the information structure, updated homepage and a few other pages, and created this special page to document all the changes and UX/Web design decisions made through out each iteration.

¹ Information Architecture

I separate Illustration and Zine content into two different pages, and created a drop down category called "Art" in the top nav bar. By doing so, the website structure is more intuitive and the content are better organized.

² New homepage

Moved all the introduction to the rigth side, smaller font size, same colours. Switched a new hero illustration. Switched more recent works to the featured works portfolio. All content were placed inside a container to retain a clean look, and prevent from going all the way to the side.

³ Page update

Updated Podcast page. Include podcast introduction, latest episodes, past episodes, link to all the episodes (YouTube and Spotify). Also included the brand identity and visual design content I created. Wrapped up with co-hosts profile and a CTA button. The old version only has visual design related content. The update put everything within containers to maintain a good margin and white space on the webpage.

⁴ Other updates

Some other updates include, new pages for zine works, a new page for latest activities, updated top nav bar and footer, cleaned up styles, and this page to document all the changes.

See you next update~